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My musical journey continues with some extraordinary side tracks. I'm still holding my position on the deck at Duffy's Tavern in Lake George and loving every minute of that. Some cool new venues include: Peddler's Pub in Clifton Park, Gaffney's in Saratoga, Carson's Woodside Tavern, The Limp Lizard in Syracuse, and others too numerous to mention. Bought some new gear for the shows. I've been fortunate to re-assemble the Yes tribute band "Alice Frost" for some big production shows. Look for us on FB and on Youtube. I'm pleased to connect with Mr. Dave Porter from 805 for some back-to-back solo/duo shows. lotsa fun there. MANY thanks to all who have supported me through this oddyssey: you know who you are. I'll see you all in 2019!!

As a solo performer, John Eisenhart draws upon years of training, touring, and studio work throughout the East and in Arizona. Because of his diverse background, John can appeal to a wide range of musical tastes. From 17th century classical guitar pieces to gritty delta blues, and just about all the pop music spanning the last thirty years, John treats each number as his own, creating a very real and memorable experience for his audience.
For each performance, John not only uses a guitar or two, but a state-of-the-art keyboard-synthesizer for piano pieces and/or a full sequenced accompaniment. A new stereo P. A. system enhances these eclectic sounds clearly and comfortably in any size room.

Look for updates of "The Lake George Blues Blast" here.

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