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Guitars- Stratocaster, Telecaster, Gibson double neck lap steel, Roland GR-33 guitar synth, Takemine Millenium LTD acoustic, Gibson J-45 acoustic, Yamaha G150 classical, Ibanez Roadstar slide guitar, very old German cello, Baldwin Grand Piano, Roland XP-60 workstation synth, Rickenbacker 4001 bass, Fender Jazz bass, Shure Beta series mics and Marshall recording condenser mics. I use Sonar as a recording medium.I generally do not use a traditional guitar amp set-up in band gigs. I use a Mackie mixing board, into a QSC 2400W stereo power amp, with Digitech and Alesis rack effects, midi’d together then into my monitors and into the PA. This allows for more control and separate mixing of the keys, guitar synth, and the guitar itself. Then I don’t upset the soundman by using 7 or 8 channels in the PA.
As a soloist I use a QSC 2400W stereo power amp, Digitech Studio Quad, Alesis M-EQ, into Mackie C600 speakers. I usually bring the Takamine LTD and the Roland XP-60 to the single gig.
Over the years, I have also accumulated some larger PA gear, lighting, special EFX and all the rest of a musician’s usual accoutrements.

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