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I was born and raised in upstate New York, the son of a college president and a very musical mother. I studied cello for 10 years under the auspices of Arthure Katracala. When the Beatles played on the Ed Sullivan show, I became a changed kid. Still played the cello, but had to have an electric guitar. Dad was not thrilled.

Started playing in bands in Junior high. Even at that early age, my interest was in the more complex changes from say, Sgt. Pepper than the Stone's more straight-ahead rock 'n roll. I played in a band that lasted through all of high school. I remember playing some King Crimson material and a bunch of Cream and Doors. We were runners-up in the New York State battle of the bands in the late 60's.

I stopped performing in college to devote my energies to my studies .......Right. Had a lot of fun, took improvisational theory from Max Roach and received my BA from Umass, Amherst. Moved into Saratoga with some other players and were eventually petitioned out of town by our neighbors. Can't imagine why.

I moved to Colorado and worked on a 32,000 acre ranch and started playing out again. After a few years, I was invited back to New York by some musicians who shared the same visions as me. We were heavily influenced by bands like Yes, Genesis, Steely Dan and Little Feat.

I was particularly impressed by Yes's Steve Howe articulate playing and broad range of style. We started to play venues all around our area. After a few years, I was picked up by the band "805" out of Syracuse. Very successful. Very fine musicians. It was a brief but fruitful experience. I then played almost constantly from then on. Had a duo. Did single work.

During the 80's I toured around New England with various cover bands. We made money and had too much fun. I worked at my playing. Became more involved with blues-style playing. Did some effective slide guitar work. I formed a couple of really good, successful bands. I moved to Arizona in the 90'2 and played for 4 years in a terribly upscale Scottsdale nightclub. I started a custom metal fabrication business there that worked out very well and was interesting and challenging. I played with one of the most popular bands in the Phoenix area. While in Scottsdale, I returned in the summers to perform around the Albany-Lake George region as a solo performer. I've worked on my keyboard ability all during those years and now incorporate it effectively in my solo performances. Sooooo, life's been good to me so far.

I must give a huge amount of credit to my Mom for her example of joyous playing and love of all music. Because of my father's strength, I did it all my way. Now I am in the wonderful position of trying to keep up with my talented and knowledgeable nephew, Karl Eisenhart, guitarist and songwriter extaordinaire, who is linked to this site....go there.

While not a prolific songwriter, I have a catalogue of originals that will be forthcoming. I've had the good fortune to work with some incredible musicians and to them I am indebted. I continue to look for interesting, challenging ensemble work or other collaborations.

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